Need advice on hamstring and adductor rehab

  1. I've always enjoyed physical fitness and really value taking care of my body. I was a competitive gymnast but in the process of gymnastics ruined my wrist. A few months after having to retire I was stretching splits and must've not warmed up properly because I just tore the crap out of my legs. Hamstrings... adductors... I felt horrible the next day. (I guess getting 3 hours of ******* sleep throughout nursing school wasn't conducive for healing... -_-'...)

    Anyway, here I am years later... A guy who used to be able to do left and right split to the ground. I could do middle split within a foot to the ground (to go farther would force me to dislocate my hips and I didn't want to do that).

    Even light stretching feels like tearing instead of stretching. Massaging it in hopes of restoring muscular mobility feels like it's tearing. I'm so frustrated . I don't know how to restore that flexibility again or if it will ever be possible again because every time I try to stretch, even if it's light, it feels so wrong... like I'm doing more damage instead of actually stretching. It's really upsetting to me. I want my flexibility back.

    Both sets of adductors are messed up, but my left is worse than my right. My hamstrings are similar, but my adductors are far worse.

    It's like I'll stretch, stretch a bit more, stretch a bit more, then BAM I hit that point and all of a sudden what was a stretch feels like tearing. It'll feel awesome up to that point then it just feels horrible.

    What can I do to recover from this? Do I need to buy some kind of goofy thighmaster device to strengthen my adductors for a couple months before stretching them again or what?

    I'm all ears. I desparately want my flexibility back.
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