Masters in Rehabilitation Nursing

  1. Hi all!

    I am a Life Care Planner and Certified Case Manager thinking about returning for my M.S.N.

    Is anyone aware of an M.S.N. in Rehabilitation Nursing program out there? I thought Rush had one at one time but cannot find any info on it while looking through the school website.

    You mail email me privately (are we allowed to do that?) at if you do not want to clog up the list.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Kim Warden, RN, BSN, CCM
    Nursing & Rehab Solutions
    Certified Case Manager, Life Care Planner
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  3. by   SCI-Nurse
    Currently there is only one program in the USA. It is at Salem State in MA:

    This is a program to prepare clinical nurse specialists in rehab nursing, so it may not be what you are looking for. I went through the program at Rush in the early 1980s where there were also 4 other programs in the USA. Each closed due to lack of sufficient registrants. Rush's rehab masters program closed in the early 1990s.
  4. by   BOBCOXRN

    they ave a msn and a Ph.D in Nursing and I am told that they tailor a specialty in Rehab Nursing. They cmplement it with their Doctorate program in physical therapy. I hope this helps.

    I HAVE BEEN AN R.N. FOR TWENTY EIGHT YEARS and I have done all types of nursingincluding teaching, management and consulting in most clinical areas...... including PSYCH, HOME HEALTH, AND as a consultant in a LTC with responsibility for advising the DON, DDS, and the MDS COORDINATOR. I HAVE HAD MDS 2.0 training.

    NOW I FIND MYSELF AS A PATIENT.I HAD TO HAVE A HIP REPLACEMENT IN DEC., 2006 (as a result of trauma in an auto accident). As an untoward and totally unpredicted effect, I suffered a stroke. I am struggling with aspects of my physical rehab and am in a wheelchair most of the time.

    I am looking :uhoh21: for a position as either MDS coordinator, TELEPHONE ADVICE NURSE, or other position that I could do from wheelchair or from home.

    any suggestions for me ??