Crrn or bachelor's first?

  1. Hey guys, just got a job at a rehab facility. Would it benefit me money wise to get my crrn or bachelor's first? How long on average does it take to acquire your crrn. New grad fresh out of school. Thanks!
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  4. by   nursebetty1982
    Hi rnrgoodson!

    You'll need to have at least two years of rehab nursing experience before you can sit for the CRRN exam. In the meantime, you could work on getting your BSN. In the long run, it would benefit you more to have your BSN because that would open many more doors for you as opposed to the CRRN certification which of course is only specific to rehab nursing. I received $1 more per hour when I got my CRRN certification. Many healthcare facilities are wanting nurses with their BSN and should you want to go into certain specialties such as case management, supervisor, etc then a BSN is pretty much the standard. If you're still in rehab nursing two years from now definitely go for your CRRN though too because your facility might even pay for you to get it (mine did).
  5. by   Desert Rat
    I am an old RN,BSN and have worked in rehab for 10 years. My last job did not acknowledge that rehab was a specialty, so did not encourage or reimburse for CRRN education or certification. 2 years ago I started working for a facility that not only encouraged CRRN, but reimbursed for testing when passed and gave a substantial bonus. Check and see what your facility will help with education. I agree with nursebetty1982 to work on your BSN while you get the experience to apply for your CRRN.