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Hi! Im starting a job in a subacute rehab. I only have acute care experience for 3 years and would like to ask help on how to get by in a 7a-3p shift with 30 something patients. more like a general routine. thanks for the input!!


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I just started orienting on 7a-3p in an acute rehab hospital and the routine we follow is that nurse get their report from the 11p-7a shift then we do the vitals while the CNAs get the patients up and assist with bathing and dressing. I do my assessment while getting the vitals, do my finger-stick blood sugars while waiting for breakfast and give insulin coverage before the trays come up, then I prepare for the 9am med pass. The patients have their breakfast and after med pass head to PT/OT, half go to PT while the other half have OT. I do my charting while the patients are off the floor. The CNAs go about changing the bed linens while I chart and they give me feedback regarding ADLs and assistance with bathroom use and feedings (thank God for awesome CNAs!!!!).

When the patients return from the morning sessions I do blood sugars again for the AC lunch coverage, interview the patients and PT/OT about their progress, and I do the noon med pass. After lunch the patients go for their second PT/OT session and I chart on them again, then go to lunch myself. I come back and start the FIMS (you'll find out what that is. I don't want to spoil the surprise). I do prn meds when they return and prepare for the change of shift.

This is the BASIC flow of my day but as you well know that is always subject to change and rehab is never boring! Hope this was of some use to you. Enjoy your time in Rehab, I know I do. :nurse:

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