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Registering in AB

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by bsndebele bsndebele (New) New Nurse

bsndebele has 2 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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South Carolina USA to Alberta CA registration

March 25 2019: NNAS: assigned NNAS ID number

I gathered and submitted my documents within a week.

May 1 2019: “ID documents that you submitted were not properly notarized certified true copies. This is because • it was not dated by the notary • it was not signed by the notary • it was not sealed by the notary • there was no certified true copy statement made by the notary”

A week later I resubmitted my identity documents. Waited for authentication for about a week or two.

September 13 2019: I got an update on my application. My elevator wrote: “I have contacted the school and asked them if they could provide a more robust curriculum for the purposes of your educational assessment. It is important that I have as detailed and robust of a course description as possible so that your assessment accurately reports your education.”

I suggest following up on the parties contacted. It is a chance to explain the details such as the meaning of the word robust in this case. I put it as; please let us submit even the Powerpoints that we used in each and every single chapter, for every single nursing class.

January 9 2020: My school was contacted again to correct my clinical hours. On January 21, my school resubmitted my Nursing Education Form with corrected clinical hours.

January 24 2020: “Congratulations, your NNAS Advisory Report has been issued! It was 76% comparable”.

I applied to CARNA on that day. I submitted the currency of practice form as well as documentation of RN experience/practice.

January 31 2020: ID documents required. I submitted those on that day.

February 4 2020: My file was forwarded for assessment

February 13 2020: “After reviewing your application, we have determined that you are currently eligible to apply for RN registration with CARNA.” I submitted my police check and completed the jurisprudence modules. Approved RN permit a week later.

I called NNAS way too many times (really, maybe 100, maybe more). Through this period, I read up on other people’s experiences and it helped me in forming my own questions about my file and gathering information to then explain to those from whom information was requested. Above all, it kept me motivated to continue the process when it felt easier to give it all up so I hope this does the same for you if you are in the process of getting registered.

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Hi bsndebele,

Your post gives me hope.....I am a new BSN nurse, graduated in May 2019 in Arizona, passed NCLEX June 2019. I moved back to Calgary in Aug 2019. My NNAS process started in May 2019, and just got 77% comparable notice on April 3, 2020.

After watching these posts for the last several months, I was getting a bit discouraged, so I am really hoping that I can get my license ASAP, especially with the whole pandemic. I just want to work! Thank you so much for your post.

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bsndebele has 2 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

2 Posts; 201 Profile Views

You got it chironurseaz. I’m glad the post could spark some hope. With that great comparability you should be good to get to using your the title you worked hard for, so yay for that! All the best, and may your hands bring healing and comfort to your future patients.

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