University of South Alabama Accelerated BSN Nursing Program 2017 Fall Semester

  1. Hello,

    Have any one heard about getting accepted into the 2017 Fall semester of the Accelerated Nursing Program at the University of South Alabama?
    How does the process work once you have gotten accepted?
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  3. by   malloryrose
    I was recently accepted to this program. I think there is a packet in the mail that explains everything. I've heard that this packet should arrive by the end of May.
  4. by   dickersons0626
    @Mallory congratulations! I found out I was accepted May 13th! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time. Hopefully we will get the packet sooner than later. I stay in Mobile so maybe I will get it soon.
  5. by   malloryrose
    Congrats!!! I live in Mobile as well. I've been checking the mail like crazy haha can't wait to start!
  6. by   dickersons0626
    When did you find out you got accepted?
  7. by   malloryrose
    I found out last Friday! May 12
  8. by   ksh020
    I am accepted for the fall aswell . Waiting for the packet from the school .
  9. by   dickersons0626
    Congratulations!!! I bet you all are as ecstatic as I am. I cannot wait to meet everyone!
  10. by   Shante Butler
    Can't wait for the packet as well. I started a Facebook page. Please join if you haven't already
  11. by   sie1521
    What is the facebook page called?
  12. by   Shante Butler
    University of South Alabama Accelerated nursing program fall 2017
  13. by   NurseLisa16
    How were you able to find out so early I wonder? I called on Friday May 26th and I was told that letters do not go out until next week after Memorial Day. Maybe they just haven't sent out the rejection letters yet, wonder if it is a bad sign that I haven't heard anything yet?
  14. by   Shante Butler
    I found out during my phone interview, but I think she is still doing interviews. Even though I have been accepted, I may not be able to attend because of lack of finances. I hear people get called off the waiting list for this reason.