RN (associate's degree) for an international job applicant?

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    I am a foreign student hoping to get a job as a nurse in a hospital in the US after getting an Associate's degree from a college here in NYC (I'd like to bring my parents here who have it tough where they are right now; this is pretty much the only reason for me not wanting to return home). Does anyone have information on how difficult it would be for a foreign applicant to try to score a job with only an Associate's degree in hand?

    I initially applied to Columbia's BS/MS program because I assumed it would be easier for me to get the work visa if I graduated w/ an MS. But I didn't get into that program so now am worried that the Associate's would not have a similar guarantee waiting for me once I graduate?

    Any help or advice would be so extremely appreciated...
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  3. by   Gerry1888RN
    It's hard right now for a international student to get a visa once they have graduated. I think it's about a 5 year wait to get a green card for an RN even if they are trained in the USA. I'm an international student also, and I'll be graduating this May with a ADN in nursing, and then I can work for a year. But, after that I would need to try and get a BSN as my home country, the UK, won't accept anything less than a BSN.
    It would be best if you can get your BSN as you will be able to move to a country such as Canada, Australia, or the UK if you can't get the American green card. I think you might be able to work in some parts of Canada as an LPN with you ADN, but I'm not sure.