Reasoning for BSN or AN ---

  1. **Really, really surprised to have read what I have through older threads about this issue.

    I've read any published study/research online I can find about the BSN/AN-RN issue; searched through info at the library, read biographies, periodical journals and anecdotally discussed/interviewed nurses with both degrees, from differing grad periods.

    While I read that the economy has the most to do with the supposed 'shortage' not really showing up currently; and I do hear info repeated about 'magnet' hospital status preferring BSN's and I understand the value in the other coursework BSN graduates are exposed to -- it seems odd that working nurses do not see the organizational reach for more and more profits against their own individual employed value. Maybe this is a thought which is more often discussed among the nursing force who are part of unions in various individual states. And since those are few and far between thus far, the media and the general percentage of professional nurses who participate in public discourse bring it up less often? Of course many, many professions and industry fields continue to reach for quality through entry and employee progression via educational requisites. That is not new, economic depression or not.

    However-- nary a post I've found so far has mentioned that corporate health organization/facility owners might very well be quite excited to have an abundant BSN hiring pool, because of the increase in revenue that represents to the corporations' bottom line.

    If in any given time period, you hire more BSN grads, you will have only those who are continuing studies for their MSN's and or higher terminal degrees working for your facility. If you hire a mix or even more AN RN's then you would be faced with more nurses hired who would seek employee-assisted financing for and or work/schedule challenges as many of their rank work toward the BSN, then the MSN and further educational goals.

    And if in the mix you can use PR to scramble the media, and the professional RN community to focus on ancillary topics which increases infighting; well, it gives ya lots more operating room to keep doing what you are doing that is making the corporation more money instead of the nurses eh.

    *Shakes head and muses.
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