Order of the Eastern Star seeks donations for nurses' educations

  1. The Shriners Hospital for children of Chicago is seeking $10,000 this year to help send its nurses back to school for additional training.

    Recently, the American Nurses Association has recommended the entry level standard for nurses be a baccalaureate degree. Seventeen nurses need the Bachelor of Science in nursing completion program, offered through the College of Nursing at St. Francis University in Chicago for a two-year period, to meet the new standard for continued employment....

    full article: http://mywebtimes.com/archives/ottaw....php?id=380365

    I saw this article on the website of a small town IL newspaper. As it is written, I believe it gives the impression that RNs without Bachelor's Degrees will soon be unable to practice. I know that's not the case, but wonder what the general public will think. (Of course, very few will ever read this article, so widespread mis-information is probably not going to be an issue )

    It highlights my frustration with the press almost never getting anything right!
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