NYU vs. SUNY Downstate Accelerated Nursing 2012

  1. Hi everyone,

    Good luck to everyone who may be applying to schools or are waiting to hear back. I wanted to start this thread to get feedback on two programs in particular: NYU and Downstate. I've read countless threads about both schools, obviously they each have their pros and cons. I've been admitted to both and am now trying to decide which would be the better school for me. If there are any grads or current students out there I would really appreciate your thoughts. I think it's hard to get a grasp on the pros and cons through threads because every student comes from a different background and their complaints may not be as much of an issue for someone else. I included a little about myself so hopefully you will be able to see where I'm coming from and how I should base my decision.

    I am a product of upper middle class suburbia and went to a 4 year private undergrad school in Boston. I prefer studying by myself and don't mind self-teaching (but would like the support of teachers on occasion). Although I work hard on my own I would still like for faculty to answer emails and for the administration to be engaged and informative about industry opportunities. I am good at following instructions and haven't had any issues with administration from either schools (not to say people that have had issues can't follow instructions, I know some admins can be awful). In academics I am certainly not the top student but I have always done above average (b+/a-). If I don't do well I tend to believe it's because I didn't work hard enough, not because the program/professor/administration was bad.

    Assuming that price is not an issue, is NYU a better program than Downstate? And if I were to take price into consideration, would going to NYU be more beneficial in the long run even though it would take 2-3 years to pay off the debt? I am fortunate enough that I do not currently have any student loans. I'm about 70% sure I would like to get my masters but things always change and who knows what will happen.

    Do NYU grads have better job opportunities and connections? Or rather, will it be the top students of any school that will have first pick of where they want to work? Would a hospital looking at two recent grads who have the same grades and experience choose the NYU student over Downstate?

    Sorry for the long post but ANY thoughts, feelings, or info would be greatly appreciated during this time of confusion. My last thought: the majority of people in the program probably don't post their complaints or praises so can any of the past threads really be a factor in someone's decision?
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  3. by   Suuko, RN, BSN
    I have the same exact situation that you are in, except it's between NYU and Hunter-Bellevue. I went to a private school in Mass. and am trying to weigh out the benefits between a cheaper state/city school with the private NYU. From what I was told, getting a job as a nurse really doesn't change on what school you went to, but your grades and references. But the real question is whether or not the prestige of nyu will make up for the cost over time by helping you advance faster clinically in nursing, or in my case, in hospital administration. I hope your decision making goes well, maybe I'll see you at NYU.
  4. by   adetutuo3
    What are your credentials because I too am trying to get into NYU?
  5. by   ccaalee
    gFiskjr, I ended up going with the public school. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

    adetuto3, I had a 3.2 GPA in undergrad and a 3.9 in my pre-requisites. I'm not sure how valid this is, but I've heard that getting into NYU is a lot easier than the public schools. Good luck!