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  1. I need advice please! I am 43 and trying to restart my life and career path after 12 years of being a stay-at-home Mom. I will be an old student. I have many questions. I attended college over 20 years ago but never really applied myself. I did not finish and just went a couple years. I have started attending a local community college (Tidewater Community College) and have really enjoyed it. So far I have made all A's but it hasn't come easily. I still have BIO, and A&P I and II and was told I couldn't attend the nursing program until Sep. 2010 because of these classes. I am old and need to hurry this. I looked into Sentara and it is the same time frame. I have checked into Medical Careers Institute and was told I cold start very quickly. Can anyone tell me about their RN and LPN programs? Any advice on which to take and salaries of these positions. I know they are costly, but feel this is what I really want to do. I have 3 kids and want to hurry this along. Please someone tell me about Medical Careers Institute and these programs. Thank you.
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  3. by   robynheart716
    MCI is a great program, but it is excelerted. The students who graduate from this program are organized, work together, and are concious of their time management skills, because it is excelerted. Other programs are at a slower pace and take a little more time to complete. You may also have to remain on a waiting list until a place is available. MCI has about 4 starts each year.
  4. by   cayces
    I actually decided on MCI and have been doing the prereqs. I just got called and got in. I am excited about the program.
  5. by   robynheart716
    Great I am happy for you.
  6. by   blackhundred
    Let me know if you have questions. Good luck!