Nursing Education Path

  1. I currently have a BS in Business/Finance, but I cannot stand business and really want to enter healthcare as a nurse. However, I must work full time in order to live, which pretty much rules out any Accelerated or Second Degree BSN programs. My question is, should I just get an LPN license now, then work toward a RN or BSN while I have a stable job in the field I want to work.

    Or am I better off trying to go for the full RN license, likely at night so it would take longer. Then once I am an RN going for my BSN if I so choose.

    Basically I really just want to get into the field as soon as possible and start my "career" instead of doing temporary jobs that pay poorly. So what would you do in my situation from experience? Would you get the fastest degree possible in that field, then more easily start adding higher certification since you could work at night, or just go for the full thing up front and do the crappy side jobs for now?

    Thank you for your help whoever inputs!
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