Nurses in Management and Hiring...Please Help...BSN vs. AAS

  1. New member! Hi all! So here is my situation.
    I have a BA in psych for which I have a $4,000 consolidated loan that I am still currently paying off.
    I have been accepted into a 16 month BSN program.
    I have also been accepted into a 2 yr. nursing program at a city college. I need 41 credits to complete the AAS program. Summer classes are not offered and it will probably take me just as long or more to complete the AAS.
    The AAS will cost me about $4,000.
    The BSN costs $24,000 p/year.

    Will I be able to get further loans for tuition for the BSN? I do not have good credit to apply for school loans at a bank, etc.
    Is it worth $20,000 in loans to earn the BSN?
    I don't know if I want to go into management or pursue a MSN, but I want to keep all my options open and not shortchange myself by going for the AAS.

    Please, Please be honest. I need a professional, serious answer.
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