Injured On The Job...Now What?

  1. So, while working in the federal system as a tech, I was injured when a patient intentionally fell on me in hopes they would be seen in our ED faster. He/she literally told me 'I don't care if I broke your back' when he/she got up. Trouble is, that's exactly what they did. I had back surgery back in 2001, that was completely successful and didn't give me any trouble, but when this patient fell on me, my world was turned upside down.

    I have gone through every procedure, injection and pill imaginable and am undergoing a spinal cord stimulator trial at this time. Even if it works, my physician has made it clear that I will have a 10lb lifting restriction for the remainder of my life. I have been a paramedic for 13+ years and successfully bridged to RN through Excelsior. My only question what?

    I feel so lost. It was such a long journey from Paramedic to RN and now I'm told that I can no longer do patient care...

    Does anyone have any advice? I need to find a job as an RN...when I have no bedside experience as a nurse, apparently cannot get bedside experience due to the lifting restriction, and need a job that doesn't require me to lift more than 10lbs.

    Even though I was injured at work, my employer will not hire me as a nurse because they require all nurses to lift 50lbs. There is a chance they will not allow me to continue working as a tech in a light duty capacity soon...

    My advice to everyone, take care of your backs. An injury can completely change your life...
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