diploma program to bsn program

  1. I am applying to achieve test prep to get my RN. has anyone graduated from here who can tell me if they had any problems pursing their BSN afterwards?
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  3. by   Hopesalive
    Hi Kathie,

    I enrolled on the 21st, I did a lot of investigating before I committed to it though. I was asked a few times why not just do Excelsior's program because that's where your credits and degree are coming from when Achieves program is finished anyway....but I know myself to well and I will never complete my RN without a classroom setting. I like the idea that it's a structure 4 hours once a week and if I can't get to the class I can watch it real time and ask questions as well.
    BUT! I forgot to ask if they accept Clep or Dante's as pre-req credits. Here is where I get confused, is it them I ask and they can say yes or no due to a private study programs "rules and regs" or is it yes because Excelsior does accept them. Clep or Dante's was not mentioned at all when I was asked about my pre-req's .....maybe because they get more $ if I take it with them...it is a business. I'm curious to know if I can attempt to pass the Clep and test out some of the pre-req's?
    I think you will be fine when it's time for your bsn because they are not official affiliates but Achieve uses Excelsior almost exclusively.....to graduate and accredit their students and then you would go onto your bsn with them, if you choose. Long story short yes! lol forgive me I'm tired, they have to...they can't refuse their own credits. If you would like to e-mail me so we can talk more please do. We will probably be doing the program together, if you are not in NY perhaps virtually. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   kathie.baby70
    Thanks for answering me...i would love to email you as we prob will do this together.....i am excited to get this started...which means i will be that much closer to getting it done!........
  5. by   Hopesalive
    Hi Kathie,

    I can't figure out a way to get you a pm, I believe I have to have a certain amount of posts. My email is Tara3417@optonline.net...hoping we'll get through the program together!