Deciding between programs: ADN vs direct entry NP

  1. Hi all,

    I just got accepted into two different programs and I am at a cross roads. I got into Shoreline Community College for the spring quarter ADN program, which I is a lot cheaper and will provide me with a strong 2 year foundation on practical nursing. But I also got into the APNI direct entry program at Seattle University, it's a fast track to get a RN within a year while the remaining 3 years are prepare you to become a Nurse Practioner. My ultimate goal is to eventually become a nurse practioner and really make changes to the health care system but after talking to some nurses, they believe that starting out small and working in the trenches as an RN first will make me more well-rounded. However, I already have a bachelors in Biology and the program at SU will provide me with a higher education I can challenge myself with.
    I would to hear other opinions on the different programs, especially those who are currently students at Shoreline Community College or Seattle University.

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  4. by   Rondo
    Go for the NP now if you got an acceptance. I understand about the experience-first argument and I myself wonder how someone with very little experience can be skyrocketed to the top, especially after reading about these 17 month direct entry NP programs. That being said, you're tough, you're smart, go get your NP now because life is short and you should just go straight for your ultimate goal. Just my thoughts if I were in your position.