Chabot ADN fall 2013

  1. Hi everyone. Has anyone been accepted to this upcoming fall 2013's ADN program? I have just received a rejection letter today because "missing grade from fall 2012" when i have literally only taken pointless physical education classes such as basketball and tennis to kill time as i waited during fall 2012, no academic classes whatsoever. i have turned in my transcript for those required classes prior to applying for the program. I am going to call chabot's nursing dept this monday to see if there is possibly anything i can do to have them reconsider me. i would like anyones opinion on this even if its "all hope is lost"
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  3. by   MrsShipp
    I'm probably going to be in the same boat as you becuz they didn't receive my transcript for one class by the deadline. But I still haven't heard anything as of now.
  4. by   mindistronnie
    They have only sent out conditional acceptance letters to the top 120 students. The next step is to submit your TEAS or take it on the 2 days Chabot offers it. They are supposed to let us know if we were accepted by May 17th. Good Luck!
  5. by   alibear27
    I would try to talk to them. Were you able to confirm if all of your transcripts were received by the due date? You can check what date they were received on the CLASS-web system.
  6. by   alibear27
    They did say at the info meetings that you had to turn in each and every transcript for any class attended at any college, anywhere. It didn't matter if it was academic or not.