CFCC Nursing PSB 2018

  1. Hey all,

    I'm applying to Cape Fear CC ADN program and wanted to know if anyone had tips for what to study on the PSB? I'm most worried about the Science section. Are there any scientific math on the exam? I bought the Mometrix study guide, but am not sure if that's enough to know for the PSB. If anyone has taken the PSB, please share helpful information.

    Thanks! and Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   wannabegonnabe
    hi, do you know how they contact people for point counts? I scored pretty well in all areas but have not heard anything yet
  4. by   alwade263
    Hey I just got my letter in the mail yesterday about going in for point count at cfcc!
  5. by   wannabegonnabe
    So did I! Based on the points I counted for myself I don't think I'm good enough to be accepted but hopefully I counted wrong haha
  6. by   Alexander the Great
    I used the Mometrix study guide and prepped for like a month before taking the exam. I am currently a 1st year ADN student and I believe last year we had a lot of alternates to get in. If they tell you to show up to the orientation I would highly recommend going. Also, if you're worried about not getting into the ADN program... I'd maybe consider trying to apply for the LPN program if it's not too late? You would be able to start gaining some really valuable experience and can later on transition into the ADN program.