applying to nursing program very soon...asn or bsn?

  1. hi everyone! i am ready to apply to the nursing programs but i'm not sure which ones i should apply to. i know of two community colleges that i am going to apply to. i will applying in august and september.... both will be for the spring semester.

    i understand that i might not get in right away. i know for sure though, that if i dont get in for the spring semester... i will get in for next fall.

    i was thinking of also applying to the 4 yr programs at two nearby universities... for next fall that is. i would have to apply in october. i heard that the 4 yr programs have a long wait to get in too... and i dont know if i should spend the money and time applying to the 4 yr schools.

    have any of you gotten into a bachelors nursing program right away? i live in southern california... do any of you live down here and know about the likelihood of gettin in to CSULB or CSULA?

    i know i could just apply everywhere, just to see if i get in. but i dont want to waste my application fee waivers if there is a slim chance of getting into the university nursing programs.

    another thing is if i decide to apply to the universities this october... then i'm going to be busting my butt this fall semester doing 18 units (i dont work) including microbiology.

    what it comes down to is this... i dont want to apply to the universities unless i will get in right away (next fall).

    i have mostly A's in my prerequisites for nursing, except a B in sociology.

    Any suggestions?

    oh yea, and if i could choose... i'd RATHER go straight to the university than get my ADN first.

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  3. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by plaefulangel

    any suggestions?

    oh yea, and if i could choose... i'd rather go straight to the university than get my adn first.

    it looks to me as tho you have answered your own question.
  4. by   slinkeecat
    If you have all your prerec for a liberal arts degree done thaen apply to all the BSN programs that you are awware of and go for your BSN.