Anything in nursing that leans more toward the medical science aspect?

  1. I've been a floor nurse for 1.5 years graduated with my ADN and currently working on my BSN which should be completed within a year and a half. Several times I've considered stopping the BSN track and jumping back into getting my BS in Biology as I only need a couple upper division credits.

    The truth is for me personally, and I mean this as non-pretentiously as I can, floor nursing bores me and I don't find it intellectually challenging at all which is my main desire to change my bachelors to another discipline. I find the whole aspect of getting report, doing a quick assessment (as I'm always pushed for time) and giving meds all day to be tedious and for the most part to be brain dead work. I have only exposure to telemetry and several months of ER time however.

    I suppose what I really am asking for is advice; is there a place for something clinically science oriented or research oriented in nursing for me? I would like to sbe there on the cusp of biomedical research or therapies but I also do enjoy patient interaction.

    Any advice?
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  3. by   Wile E Coyote
    There are nurse researchers that do exactly what you describe.
    Know that to head up many of the projects, you'll need advanced degrees and to be affiliated with teaching facilities. With evidence-based-practice taking over like a storm, there's definitely a demand. However, a big caveat being overall tighter budgets to fund your projects (and to pay your salary). Think Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, DNS and heck, even CRNA. Each can have varying mixtures of clinical and research-based opportunities.

    Even as a bedside RN, there are projects ongoing all over that you would be involved in to a lesser degree. Again, look to teaching facilities, especially those associated with universities.

    In the meanwhile, why not consider a specialty area like critical care (since you noted you're already in ED and bored) LOTS for a new nurse there learn before he/she could even think about being bored. Being a newer RN, watch a good CTICU team land a fresh heart pt and tell me if you're bored then