Accepted to BSN

  1. Hey all,

    My one year anniversary for being an RN is in June and guess what, that's also when I'll start the RN-BSN accelerated program at the University of WA! It's official. Once I get the BSN, I can really start embark on untold adventures!
    I do have a question. I'm looking for a job (in the future) that gives one awesome phlebotomy skills. I am OK at IVs but could be better at blood draws (I know backwards huh) and am looking for tips. I do occasionally phleb on my med/surg floor but not as much as I need/want to do. Someone mentioned working at the blood bank is an excellent avenue. Any others??? Thanks.
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  3. by   TinyNurse
    congrats on getting accepted to BSN school, i thought blood draws remained the same though , adn/bsn...... you need special training to do an abg, or start an arterial line. yes working at a blood bank would be cool!!!