regarding pay rate in sacramento, ca for nurses


I was wondering what the starting pay rate for an experienced RN working in Sacramento, ca.

I was also wondering if there is hiring freezes on nursing jobs in CA.

Also I want to work as a psychiatric nurse through a travel agency in CA, is it a good idea?:nurse:


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Your question is a tough one to answer as it would depend upon specialty and length of experience.

I however can give you a range that one could possibly expect....A new grad in a acute care hospital can expect around 38-40 dollars per hour. I have heard of nurses in the area with experience getting per diem jobs that payes well over 60 dollars an hour at another very large HMO in the area that don't want to name directly but sounds like phiser...I hope this helps.

As far as the number of jobs around, I have heard from many new grads that are having trouble getting hired but it is a slightly easier situation if you have experience.



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At UC Davis New grad pay is about $38-40. So as an experienced nurse it would be more than that and even more if you decide to work agency. I wouldn't worry about getting a nursing job in California. I am always seeing job openings for RNs with experience.

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