Refresher course

by Tiffany Kane Tiffany Kane (New) New

Hi, I’m an experienced (old) RN. I was an outpatient infusion Nurse, chemo/bio certified until 2012 when I became disabled. My disabilities are multiple autoimmune disorders ranging from RA, Sjögren’s, lupus, blah, blah, blah, curse of the nurse! ?. Anyway thanks to medical cannabis I am able to return to nursing (I do not take any other meds. No biologics and no narcotic pain relievers) full time. I’ve been working part time in a recreational dispensary in Illinois. Anyway, I’ve applied for a couple infusion jobs and both places have asked me to take a refresher course. Understandable. But the only thing I can find is at College Of DuPage for $2,500. Does anyone know of any other schools offering a refresher course for less? Sorry this is so long! (Story of my life! LOL)