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I've been an LVN for about 2 years now. I'm currently working as a HHN. I just started last month. My problem is I don't have any skilled nursing experience. So how did I make it without any skills? Well when I graduated I got married then got pregnant. I took the boards test and failed. I took about a half a year before I retook the test and passed. The first job I got I was basically a paperwork nurse. I did that for a year. Funny thing was I supervised Residential aides in passing the meds. I even checked the med books and charting. If it wasn't done correctly i did inservices. I didn't do any nursing skills at all. Yeah, okay, so I got to do TB tests! yipee! I was lucky to call me a nurse with the kind of "inexperience" that I have. So I was wondering if anyone out there know of any refresher courses or if they had a similar experience where they didn't use their skills for a long time and lost it.

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