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Hello everyone!

I am a RN currently working at an LTC. This is my first job out of nursing school. I started searching for acute care nursing opportunities as I want to develop my practice and be more competent. I landed an interview with AHS and they requested references. My references included two LPN's, and a supervisor (non nursing). They requested a current manager reference and said it was a AHS policy/guideline.

My concern is that I cannot provide a current manager reference as I am worried how it will impact my relationship with said manager. Should I tell her? When would be the best time to tell her? I know in my facility because we are short staffed it is often frowned upon if you want to leave. I feel like she may give a not so stellar reference (or none at all) in order to retain staff.

What should I do in this situation and what should I say to the potential employers? I really would love to start working towards my dreams of acute care but now I feel like I'm trapped and won't be able to move out of LTC.

Thank you for your help!

I worked in LTC for 3 years and got a job at the hospital (not acute care right away but it was a hospital job nonetheless). It really depends on the effort you put into your LTC job. LTCs have high turnover and many managers know they can't keep young nurses or new grads for so long. If it has been at least a year and you have not had problems at work, there shouldn't be much of an issue. Just try asking for a reference and also mention that you will pick up shifts there as a casual. I gave my LTC job a 5-week notice because I heard that the LTC had a hard time finding someone to take my place and I thought it was the right thing to do. Good luck on the interview!

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