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Red Flag List for Front Desk

by MisfonzRN MisfonzRN, RN (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Ambulatory Care/Telephone Triage. Has 22 years experience.

I am an RN in a family medicine practice. I have been here nearly a year after 20 years in ICU. This office did not have an RN previous to me. I am having difficulty getting appropriate calls routed to me for triage. I'm wondering if anyone has a "Red Flag List" that can be used for reference by front office staff. Basically this would be a guide as to which calls should be routed for triage and which should be scheduled for an appointment.

For example... all chest pain calls, all weakness on one side of the body, all seizure activity, all trauma...

Does anyone use a list like this that would be helpful in guiding the folks who answer the phone as to who to route to triage?

Thank you!