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I have been a RN for two years (started as a new grad in a PACU) and have recently switched to a L&D floor. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good book to read up/review the nursing care of a labor patient (ie- mag sulfate, oxytocin drips, rhogam, GBS, etc.)


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I strongly recommend joining AWHONN! Here is some information (from their website)

  • Core Purpose: AWHONN is an organization of nurses committed to the health of women and newborns.
  • Core Values (as expressed in the acronym "CARING")
    • Commitment to professional and social responsibility
    • Accountability for personal and professional contributions
    • Respect for diversity of and among colleagues and clients
    • Integrity in exemplifying the highest standards in personal and professional behavior
    • Nursing Excellence for quality outcomes in practice, education, research, advocacy and management
    • Generation of Knowledge to enhance the science and practice of nursing to improve the health of women and newborns

Membership is only 15 a month and they send you a monthly journal with great articles! Their website also has many articles on the best practices for labor and delivery! :)

Here is their website: AWHONN Web

I use this site to print of teaching for my post-partum patients on discharge. They have lots of great information!


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