Recommended experience prior to FNP

by bugs_loves12 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in ICU, Hospice.

Hello all! 
I have been a nurse for almost 2 years now. I was hired into a critical care fellowship right out of nursing & decided that maybe I wasn’t ready for all that, or that maybe it just wasn’t my passion. I had felt a pull towards the palliative and hospice world and am currently working as a home hospice nurse. 
I have thought a lot about where I want my career to go, and I am really all over the place. More and more I keep coming back to NP, specifically with hospice and palliative or women’s health. Although I do really enjoy hospice, I am worried that it might end up ‘backing me into a corner’ down the road? 
In my area it seems there aren’t many (at this time) positions for hospice/palliative NPs. I don’t want to limit my experience so much that I’m not able to get an NP job in other areas. 

SO my big question is how do I make myself ‘marketable’ with my RN experience? What areas should I be working in to set myself up for success later down the road? 

Thanks in advance!!