Recommended ABSN programs?


Hello all,

I have been lurking on here for a long time ever since decided to pursue a career in nursing. I recently graduated from The University of Texas with a 3.4 GPA in an unrelated field and am looking to start an accelerated nursing program either summer or fall of 2016. I will be finishing my prerequisites this fall, and so far have make A's in all of my prereq's. I have four years clinical volunteering and administrative experience in an Gynecologist's office. I am currently filling out applications to volunteer at a hospital on the days I don't have class, and plan on shadowing several nurse practitioners I know in the upcoming months. Since applications are due in the fall, I'm wondering if all of this will be enough clinical experience to get accepted into a program, especially with my sub-par UT GPA?

I am so anxious and have no idea where I stand amongst other applicants. I'm having a hard time making a list of the places I want to apply, because I can't discern which programs are too far out of my reach. Any advice on what I can do in the upcoming few months or on my applications to help my chances is greatly appreciated. Also can anyone with stats similar to my own recommend a good ABSN program? I am willing to move anywhere to pursue this dream :)

Thank you!