Recognizing Nurses Must Become a Year-round "Best Practice"

Two hundred years ago today, Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, was born. This is why the World Health Assembly has designated 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Nurses Rock Article


Recognizing Nurses Must Become a Year-round "Best Practice"

Florence Nightingale Attributes

Florence Nightingale demonstrated so many admirable attributes. These include a commitment to lifelong learning and teaching others, standing up for what she believed in, a deep respect for science and the data, and, last but not least, courage. This was evidenced by her tireless work to protect women’s rights and her testimony before the Royal Commission on the Health where she convincingly urged the British government to improve living conditions and sanitation in Army hospitals and rehabilitation homes. She was heard.

Advocacy for Nurses

So, it is fitting that we recognize the importance of this day as we consider the importance of advocacy on behalf of nurses. During this critical time, we must protect the institution and support all front-line caregivers. This is why Rosica Communications has volunteered to assist in acknowledging nurses everywhere through the #GiveANurseAHug campaign, which is designed to show gratitude to nurses for the impact they make on people’s lives daily. The effort centers on “raising” virtual, or air, hugs to express gratitude for the courageous work performed by nurses who are severely compromised during this crucial time. This is being done through facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show our undying appreciation for them.

We also recognize other organizations that are stepping up to help nurses at this perilous time.

Healing Hands is a uniform and scrubs company that truly “walks the walk” and is committed to helping nurses. The company’s founder Bansi Lakhani suffered a massive heart attack in his early 40s. Recovering from open-heart surgery, he realized the critical and curative role of his nurses, whom he called “healing angels.” He felt they cared for him like family. Lakhani had worked in the clothing and apparel industry for decades. After his hospital experience, he shifted his business to help nurses feel and look better by launching Healing Hands, which makes more comfortable and attractive scrubs and uniforms. His experience with nursing professionals was so impactful and uplifting that when he designed scrubs for them, he included inspirational messages printed inside their uniforms to show appreciation for the great work they do.

During the pandemic, Healing Hands has donated 10,000 sets of scrubs and is donating 1,000 pairs to members’ hospitals/facilities. They are also making N95 masks and donating these as well.

If your hospital or healthcare facility is in need of scrubs to help protect nurses working through the COVID-19 pandemic, please complete the Nomination Form here and be eligible to receive 100 pairs of scrubs at no cost.

Exergen is another company that is demonstrating high-level support for nurses. A former nurse, Dr. Marybeth Pompei is Chief Clinical Scientist of Exergen Corporation. She and her husband, Dr. Francesco "Frank" Pompei, Exergen’s founder and CEO who received degrees from MIT and Harvard, are extremely committed to the nursing community. It is essential to their company’s mission. The duo has dedicated their lives to advancing science through noninvasive thermometry. They support scientific research and offer professional development to nurses across the US. Exergen manufactures two primary TemporalScanner thermometers - a professional version for hospitals and physicians’ offices, and a consumer version sold through major retailers nationwide. More than two billion temperatures are taken each year with TemporalScanners. It is no surprise that Exergen’s accuracy is supported by more than 80 peer-reviewed published studies covering all ages from preterm infants to geriatrics and all areas of care, from hospitals to homes.

Temperature being an essential determinant of COVID-19, Exergen has provided thousands of thermometers to nurses and other front-line healthcare professionals. These are needed not only to protect patients but protect these caregivers. The Exergen team is working overtime to meet demand for their thermometers and serve nurses across the nation and globally.

Companies like Healing Hands and Exergen are not just reactive. For decades, they have been proactive - in terms of innovation, caring, and giving back. They, like us, believe that recognizing nurses should be ongoing. We must continue to stress the importance of this area of the profession, which Nightingale so suitably represented.

Of course, there are dozens of PPE companies, including Halo Life, that are also donating masks and other essential products. Without these donations, nurses will be compromised. With these donations, there is hope.

We hope that many others will be inspired by the courage and dedication that nurses are demonstrating. We support you and are grateful for your service.

Chris Rosica is President of New Jersey-based Rosica Communications, a PR and crisis communication agency specializing in the healthcare, education, and nonprofit industries. He can be reached via the Rosica website or [email protected].

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