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Hi guys!

I'm freaking out. Basically my situation is this: I've been referred to a bridging course by AHPRA in March. After 5 months of waiting I've finally received my WHV but because it took so long I've lost my position for the bridging course and apparently all the courses are fully booked for this year. Even if I start it in January it will be too late because it must be completed by the 6th of March 2019. My nursing degree is Italian but I've been working as a nurse in UK for 3 years. If I do an Australian postgraduate degree do you think AHPRA will allow me to get a registration?

Thanks :)

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You should have applied for a regular visitor visa (600) instead of the working holiday though I understand that you have working rights with the WHV. You can try asking AHPRA for an extension of the referral... I guess they would have more leeway because schools with approved BPs are mostly full until the end of this year.

I doubt if AHPRA would consider the postgraduate degree. By referring you to a BP means that your BSN is deemed inadequate to practice in Australia.

Have you considered a nursing conversion course? I just don't know if your WHV will allow this... you may be required to get a student visa. This would imply that you are foregoing your referral to a BP and take subjects in a uni to get an Australian nursing degree.

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