Reciprocity in new jersey


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i just migrated to NJ through marriage to my college sweetheart who is now a naturalized US citizen. as of now my green card is pending and only have my work card which is valid for a year.

i applied for reciprocity with NJ (i got my VT license in 2008 while i was still in my home country). as per application requirement, they asked for a copy of my green card. since i dont have one yet, i mailed a photocopy of my work card from DHS.

will be i eligible for the reciprocity? what do u guys think? it's been a week since i mailed them my application and i haven't heard from them yet. and my check has not been cashed too. is there also any way that i can get a hold of them to inquire on my status? you know without having to go through that annoying recorded messages

btw, i'm in the burlington county area. maybe some of you guys are from around here

thanks a lot!

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