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Hey yall! I am hoping to get some insight about applying for a license in the state of Massachusetts by reciprocity. I received my conditional license and just got an email saying that my Certificate of Graduation was answered incorrectly, as my pediatric, obstetrics, and mental health hours did not meet state requirements. After getting with my school of nursing administration in Texas and the Mass BON, they said my school needed to contact the board and explain why our clinical hours were short of the requirement. I went to an accredited program that was just awarded the Best Nursing School in the State of Texas, where over 70 other students have been accepted to Massachusetts from my school alone. Has anyone not gotten a license even after an explanation was given, or is there a way I can complete clinical hours in these fields even though I am an alumni? I am really worried as not obtaining a Massachusetts nursing license could literally change everything and hoping someone knows some information or really anything regarding how it all works out! Thank you in advance!

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