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Real break down of net


I did my net today. so i thought to tell some important stuff which can help to do test.

math(30 question in 30 min) was pretty basic honestly just %age ,multiplication,division ,no words problem no tricky questions just straight forward.

for written comprehenssion(45 questions in 45 min), again basic ,plurals,where to use who whom and caitilization.yes you will see spelling of calendar ,peculiar,separate and few others.

for reading section they will say you one minute to read just to check your reading rate but one thing what i will suggest you just don't care about this only focus on your reading paragraph with complete understanding and then answer questions or even if you want you can read your questions first and after that you can read passage.you have to do 33 questions in 30 minutes.and i am sure that you can do this easily.theres will be some small and long passage.i think there were total 4 passages.and under these passages you will have individual paragraphs.

science will be basic.like where protein digestion starts in body?(stomach)

which thing carries protein in body?(hemoglobin)

which gland act as exocrine and endocrine work?(pancreas)

where glycogen is stored?liver

there were total 12 questions under this section.no question from chemistry.

you will have time to strectch and relax.

this test is far easy than HESI A2 enterance test.

take it easy and let me know if you have any questions.

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