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Okay. So I recently applied to Columbus State, I am waiting to get my acceptance letter so I can go take my Compass test. I was just wondering what classes I will need to take and how long they are, basically anything that anyone knows about the prereq's at Columbus State. I am planning on going for my Associate's then go back for my bachelor's. I was wondering if I can take some of the prereq's now for the bachelor's while I am taking them for my associate's. As I said this is all new to me and I just want any info I can get on Columbus State. Does anyone know what all classes I will need to take for my prereq's and what are they like? Thanks in advance for any info.


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I went to Columbus State. I think the prereqs are the same as most programs. You have to have math, english, biology, chemistry. But there are a lot of general education classes you can take while you are waiting to get into the program. By the time I graduated with an ADN, I had most of the prerequisite and general education classes done for the BSN. I transferred them all to OSU and finished the BSN within 1 year!

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