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Readmission Letter to Nursing Program

by boochohandsup boochohandsup (New) New Student

Hi, I am requesting a petition letter to my professors. I did not pass a second medical-surgical clinical, not due to family problems, but rather not reviewing and applying what I learned from the past 2 years. My clinical professor mentioned that I should I needed to review basic skills, documentation, medications, lab values, diagnostics. I also need to practice prioritization when providing patient care. Therefore, I have been improving those areas and also improving to seek advice from close ones and advisers.

I tried to say as objectively as possible with positive spin, rather than critique my mistake. I am sure that professors wants to hear my plan more than anything. Do I need to specify my plan even more?

Petition for Reentry

Dear Professors,

I am requesting for reentry into the second year of --- --- Nursing Program.

I successfully completed the past four quarters and three out of four classes in the fifth quarter, but I had difficulty in the second medical surgical clinical. I believe my weakness was from not having enough exposure in a clinical environment.

Currently, I am working as a treatment aide at a Mental Health Services. Since the Summer of 2019, I have experience in assisting activities of daily living and mental health of patients. Now, I am seeking different clinical responsibilities. Therefore, I am applying to several nursing assistant positions at hospitals and at --- assistant program. From working in a clinical environment, I will time manage in caring for multiple patients.

I am completing a virtual medical-surgical simulation and accessing unfolding case studies from National League of Nursing. Practicing those tools will help me apply the anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, dosage, and pathophysiology that I learned in the past 5 quarters. Therefore, I am also solving NCLEX questions to practice critical thinking in decision making.

Currently, I am practicing daily head-to-toe assessment, focused assessments, and measuring vital signs on my family members. I am reviewing the normal and abnormal assessment findings to accurately assess and document them.

With my plan, I will enter the program with a greater experience in applying nursing processes. Therefore, I respectfully ask professors to allow me to retake second medical surgical clinical in Winter of 2021.


--- ---


I'm a fourth semester nursing student. I have Addisons Disease and bipolar both unreported to my nursing school because I haven’t been sick in quite awhile from either I’llness though I take lithium and risperdal with hydrocortisone. Fourth semester my advisor coached me into a medical withdrawal five weeks before graduation. My GPA is 3.7 and I was a nursing tutor sometimes without pay. I was hospitalized this year in March unrelated but as I am now writing a read admissions letter I may need to be aware is my psychiatric inpatient stay as they will be asking my doctors my meds and pertinent information. I have recovered successfully and do not need to attend school until next Spring 2021 to complete the RB program I have reviewed consistently and let them know and my Addisons Disease the reason I took the withdrawal is a combo of bipolar and Addisons symptoms related to stress and not sleeping have been resolved. I was supposed to reapply in January but my roommate is a rêcent kidney Transplant patient and was very sick and is immunosuppressed so I had to let the nursing office know I couldn’t return until after he recouperatef but then covid 19 came so they are considering my proposal now at least I think so. What are my chances of readmission given I was sick last Spring 2019 and now Again this year Given I am outstanding student academically I live in upstate new york


I’m so sorry I misread your question!! I would say you have the right idea reviewing material and assessment videos are a great idea for that By the way. Combining learning styles is always an asset visually and then audibally is really healthy when studying it can help you retain material. Anything you do and accolade you retain from whomever u should use in your readmission letter in writing if you can get it it’s important to note and show u have support good luck!! Sorry for my former post again