Reading/preparation ICU placement



I have my final placement for my BSN in the ICU and I'm wondering what kind of reading and research I should look into to prepare myself. I'm planning on getting my ACLS later on in the month, but I know that has limited utility for me at this point as a student and it's something I'm doing for after I graduate.


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Hello Fellow BSN student,

If you really want to WOW your preceptor look up on how to run the Vents (mechanical ventilators) ie. modes, settings, alarms, pressure support, AC, SIMV, etc...

Also find out what the patient population is like on the unit you are going to work on and read up on those illnesses. You never know, it might land you a job:p

Good luck


44 Posts is a good place to start. It was written by a micu nurse for new orientees. It has different topics that you generally run across and its an easy read. Some stuff might go over your head at this point but it will give you a good leg up on preparation.