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So I just finished, and at risk of duplicating a post in Texas Nursing:

The problem is that I received a 57% in the Reading Comprehension sub-section called "Conclusions".

Note: I received a 100% on Meaning-Word Use, and Understanding, and a 94% on the Implications sub-section.

I think it is a strange anomaly. And still, my score for that section is 92%.

Opinions? Should I retake the whole HESI A2, or go with it?

Scores as follows:

Reading Comprehension: 92%

Grammar: 94%

Vocabulary/General Knowledge: 98%

A&P: 96%

Math: 98%

Cumulative: 95.6%

Critical Thinking: 900

Personality Style: Kinesthetic/Analytical

Learning Style: Creative/Leader


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Congrats! You got a great score. I have a question about this exam. I am wandering if we have right to skip the grade report after each section? Because i heard it will display automatically when you done each section. I prefer to see it after the entire exam because I will be freaking out, and it may mass up my exam. Thank you so much!


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After you finish each section the grade displays next to the name of each section in brackets.

e.g. Reading Comprehension | [92]

You could click on the left for the individual report, or even at the bottom for the total report, but that's just a bother.

It will display instantly while the screen shows that the report is being formulated. You can click on another section while this is going on. No need to wait (the machines I took it on were ages old, and slower than a monochrome cell phone from 2002).

txsky SRNA

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Has 3 years experience.

I think you should be OK and will not be required to re-take HESI A2.

BTW, can you tell me how much time limit for each part of the exams, such as math, reading, grammar, etc?


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How did you score a 900 on the CT? I need advice.

That's a very good score that I would like to obtain. I would like to ask you some reading questions if you still remember? I am struggling with them as I could not know whether I answered RIGHT or WRONG as I had no clue about them...



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Hi there! I’m very late to this, but I’m in the same situation! Scored a 67 on conclusions. What was the outcome of everything? Did the score on that subsection make anything difficult? Thanks!!


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Also curious about this! I scored a 92% on Reading Comprehension but a 67% on the Conclusions section... there's only 6 questions in the section, so missing two makes it looks like you failed!

Anyway, not gonna worry about it with a 96% overall, but how did things end up going for you?


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Hey this happened to me! I scored a 92% on reading comprehension but only scored 67% on Conclusions. Did any of you had to retake the test?