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Re-locating to N.Y. -- possible to transfer?

Hello ladies and gents! My husband recently accepted a job in NY so we will be re-locating next month. The problem is that I am almost done with the second semester of the ADN program I am enrolled in in Las Vegas. I can stay behind and complete the program here, but we would rather not spend so much time living apart. Are there any programs in the Metropolitan area, RN or BSN (I wanted to do my RN-BSN anyway) that would accept my nursing courses? I literally stayed up the entire night researching this online. I am excited about our move and want to go ASAP! :) Also, I really really really don't want to be apart from my husband for 4 months at a time if there are alternatives :redbeathe

I attend the College of Southern Nevada which is a state school, accredited, and reputable. By the way, I can not for the life of me understand why transferring nursing courses between public, accredited institutions (regardless of their location), is such a big issue. I looked at the curricula for every AAS program that I came across in NYC last night and read the course descriptions. The wording of the course title may be a little different (like "Care of the Adult Client" vs. MedSurg), but that's about it. In the end, every single one of us is taking the exact same test anyway! NCLEX isn't any different in California than it is in Indiana. Okay, I will get off my soap box now -- :nurse:

Anyway, I think I identified MAYBE a couple of schools that MIGHT; however, the information was not presented very clearly on their web sites. I will be making phone calls this week but I wanted to try the NY board itself too. I already have 50 Gen Ed credits that I know would all be fully transferable (College Algebra, English, Psych 101, stuff like that). In addition, I have 19 Nursing credits. I know that this is a "high class problem" as my mother would say, but I appreciate any guidance that you are willing to provide.

Thank you,



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