3rd year BSN-DNP intern or fellowship programs?


I am in my second of three years of a BSN-DNP program and I'll be eligible to sit for the AANP sometime late May (of this year) or later, as I'll have completed all clinicals and all core didactic classes for the MSN part of the program. I don't know if this is typical for all BSN-DNP programs, or if it's unique to my school, but we don't get awarded the MSN in-between, so won't  be able to be licensed as an NP until after we graduate with the DNP next year (May 2024), even though we will have completed clinicals and have (hopefully) passed the boards. I'll be working on the DNP project next year, but don't want to be out of practice and am hoping there is something for us BSN-DNP third year students to do that last year (other than working on the DNP project). Are there fellowships/internships for this awkward almost-NP-but-not-quite position we will be in? I'm not currently working, as I'm focusing all of my time on school and clinicals, and would rather not take a new RN job for one year while I wait to be fully licensed.