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RCBC Spring 2018


Is anyone trying to apply to the Spring 2018 nursing program at Rowan College Burlington County? If so what are the chances of getting in? Do they select students with the highest gpa and with the most prerequisites completed? I keep seeing in other forums of people being waitlisted. Does anyone know the scoop of how this school determines which students are qualified? If so let me know. Thankssss :)

I found out today that I got into the fall 2017 program. Lots of things are changing at RCBC but I believe that admission will still be based off GPA and the number of non-nursing courses completed. So the higher GPA you have and the more applicable general education courses you've finished the better. It is competitive and to my understanding it is really difficult to get in without all your general ed credits done. As of spring 2018, they will no longer be requiring and entrance exam (HESI or TEAS). Lucky you!

Hi Jamie, thanks for the response! Congrats on you getting in. What was your Gpa and did you complete all of your prereqs ahead of time? I will be done mine this summer. It is so hard to get into nursing schools nowadays. They need to give people a chance. I hope I get in!

I wouldn't weight yourself against my GPA. I amazed even myself and have managed to keep a 4.0 while completing 50+ credits (including all Rowan's general ed courses and courses needed for BSN). My understanding is that as long as you get them all done before you apply then you should be good to go! I am not sure how they view credits that are in progress but I know that their main focus is on the prerequisites. Depending on what courses you're still needing, it shouldn't be an issue.

Amazing, that is great! Did you take previous courses at Rcbc? I am asking you this because I seen in previous posts people saying that they might not take you if you never attended there before (but that does not make sense to me) lol. I have all transfer credits and will be done my last 2 prereq classes by the end of July. I am hoping registration holds off until then so I can apply with all my prereqs done *fingers crossed* lol.

Actually ALL my credits were transfer credits except for biology lab (1credit). My husband is in the military and we just got here from New Mexico last August. The new dean in nursing seems to be a huge proponent of opening it up to more applicants. She mentioned in the nursing seminar I attended that in the case of transfer credits and GPA, they will review the transcripts by hand for grades. That way even if you don't have institutional GPA you will still be considered equally in admissions. She is new to the school as of last fall which is why the program is going through so many changes right now. There have been some growing pains but so far I think she is doing a great job. I am not sure when the spring application period is. With two kids and a husband who is constantly coming and going, nights and weekends just were not a viable option for me. The time frame should be posted somewhere in their website though!

Oh okay, awesome that is good to know! I guess I will just have to wait and see then and not worry so much lol. I wish you luck in your nursing career and welcome to Jersey!:nurse::up::)

Did you get into the spring 2018 program? I got waitlisted. :/

total random question, has anyone been accepted with a repeated class? I know their "ideal" student doesn't have any repeated but just curious if anyone had this experience :-)