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Rasmussen RN Jan 2010 Start


Hi! I am applying to Rasmussen Pasco campus RN program and hoping to start January 3rd. I already took the STEP test and passed. I am taking the HESI entrance exam October 19th. Anyone else starting in January? Or can any current Rasmussen RN students tell me how they like the program? How difficult did you find the Hesi?

A little on me.....I have a Bachelors in Psychology from USF, my minor was gerontology. I currently work as an insurance agent. Totally new to the field of nursing. I am a single mom with a 4 and 7 year old and looking for a career change. I'm not sure yet if I will be working while in nursing school. I'm hoping not to if possible r at least cut down to part time.

I'm super excited and would love to hear comments from other Rasmussen students!!! :)

Hi! I'm actually taking the TEAS test tomorrow. Did you pass the HESI? I believe the TEAS is similar to the HESI exam. I'm very nervous for this test. Good luck to you:)

I am in the SAME situation!.....and also need answers!

The HESI was actually much easier than what I anticipated! I did quite well on it. I used the reach-evolve study guide. I read through all the questions and did the practice exams on the weekend, then took the actual exam on a Monday night. Just the one weekend of studying was enough. Rasmussen counts just the Math, Vocab, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension and I got a 97% combined for all four sections.

I just found out today that I was accepted!!! Woohoo! I'll be starting on January 3rd, just as I was hoping for.

How was the TEAS? What school are you applying to?

Hello, I have been looking for information on this school and so glad that I found your thread.

I am a single mom looking to go back to school to become an RN. I Have my A.A but i was looking at the Rasmussen College Catalog and realize that I'lll still have to take the STEPS test. Can anyone tell me about it??? Also how was the process getting into the school??? financial aid available??? what is the tuition??

Thank you for any help you can give me.

The STEP test was very easy. Basic math and basic english. I would say if you have an AA you will definitely do fine on it. The program director (Rita) was so great & made each step in the process of enrolling very easy. She was / is avaiable for all my questions. Yes, there is financial aid. Be sure to fill out the FAFSA. The tuition is approx $400/credit hour and includes books, uniforms & all supplies. At least this is true of the Pasco campus....I don't know if different locations are different than this.

What campus are you looking into?

That's wonderful....I'm actually looking at the Pasco Campus....so will you be starting in the program immediately, you didn't have any pre req's to do?

Hi I'm looking into Rasmussen NPR campus and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much the total tuition was for the RN program. I saw it was $400 per credit but the program is over 100 credits! Now I saw something in the catalog that stating if a student takes more than 16 credits then they only pay for the 16 credits! This seem kind of too good to be true! Does anyone know anything about this????........... THANKS!!!

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Starting the RN program at Rasmussen in January Tampa campus...taking the TEAS on Thursday...did well on the STEP. Anyone have any experience with their program? I'm wondering where the clinicals are. Thanks!!

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