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Rasmussen Illinois ADN program, What is exact disadvantage of accredited ADN program by ABHES?

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Is there any nurse who is graduated from accredited ADN program by ABHES?

What is exact disadvantage of accredited ADN program by ABHES?

I'm thinking to apply Rasmussen Illinois ADN program, But I figured out Rasmussen Illinois ADN program is not accredited by CCEN, ACEN.
That program is accredited by only the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

I'm wondering Rasmussen Illinois ADN program grad has any limit for their nursing career.
(example getting a job, trying to get master or doc degree). because I know the disadvantage of non-accredited (or not accredited by the NLN/CCNE) school.

1. It's hard to get licensure in another state.
2. It's hard to transfer credit to another accredited school(ACEN,CCNE) if you want to go to graduate school

Funny thing is RN-BSN program in Rasmussen is accredited by CCEN.
So If I graduate this RN-BSN program, after ADN program,
all the disadvantages of Rasmussen Illinois ADN program are gone?

I'm confused by their system.

I would love to discuss about this with everyone! And if I know about something wrong, please feel free to let me know!

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