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Hey guys!

I am interested in attending College for their ADN program in Tampa, FL. I just wanted to get some opinions from previous students on their program. I talked with an advisor and he said that since I have all the prerequisites that I would only attend three days a week. I was in a LPN program and had to withdraw due to being forced to by my teacher (this was in NC at a CC). I was two months from graduating. So now I'm in a rut and I have PTSD from my experience at a CC. I just want to finish what I started. Please tell me your honest reviews on the school OR a great nursing school in that area. (No 4 year) I really would like to accomplish an ADN within 20 months.

I cannot speak to the site in FL. But I am a graduate of 's ADN program. It is a very rigorous program, like any nursing school, but I have found that the instructors are very helpful. The hardest part of attending school there is understanding that the staff are not going to babysit you, they will not hold your hand, and will expect that the student can keep their studies organized, and prioritize their courseload. This becomes especially hard when most of your classes will have an online oriented learning environment. I think if you are self-motivated, self-reliant, and willing to stick it out when the tough times come (and they will) you would have a great experience with Rasmussen.

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