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Hi I am a wake tech pre nursing student and I am trying to decide where to take my cna-1 training. Does anyone have any advice of where to go? I'm not too worried about the cost I most need something on the weekends that includes the 40hrs clinical experience. Or is it worth it to do one of the one day cna-1 training programs and get a weekend job to get my 40 hrs????Thanks in advance,Angel

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Wake Tech will probably require that you have a certificate from the course you took stating that you had x amount of course hours and x amount of clinical hours. (AB Tech does.) And OBRA legislation mandates that you have at least 75 hours of training to even be employable, so you're way better off taking a full class at Wake Tech than anything else.

I would check with Wake Tech's Continuing Education department and your nursing advisors to get more information on the courses available. I'm currently in a course offered at AB Tech because I needed it for a nursing program and there's no way I could pass the skills test without the class time and clinical hours.

Don't bother with the one day CNA courses. They're by all standards illegal and a waste of money.

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