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I am a nursing student working on my BSN, and plan to graduate in 2006. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse anesthetist one day. Before I went into nursing school I had a really good GPA, but now after 3 semesters in a very tough nursing program my GPA has steadily dropped. It is very hard in this program to make a B much less an A. The average grade seems to be a C for most people. I am afraid that I will graduate with with exactly a 3.0 if I can maintain or maybe even less. I know that the minimun GPA requirement to get into CRNA school is a 3.0, but Im sure just having that will not be that competitive. I am through with all of my gen eds. and the next few semesters dont look very promising in making high enough grades to pull my GPA back up there. Is there anything that I can do after graduating to make my GPA higher? I have heard that I can retake some of my sciences that I have made C's in, but that is not something that I look forward to. I have also heard that it may be possible to take graduate classes to pull up myGPA? If any one has been in this situation or can offer some advice. Thanks


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I can relate because my GPA also slipped a coupla notches during nursing school. Mine wasn't so bad, though. I finished out with a 3.01 because the last nursing course I did was an easy A. I saw an advisor about doing some makeup courses to raise my GPA to at least a 3.5 and I was told not to waste my time doing easy liberal arts classes because the grad school admissions committee will quickly see through that trick.

He recommended doing at least one math course and at least one science course from chemistry, or physics, or general biology, (depending, of course, on how many points you need to raise your GPA). The goal is to get an A (and only an A) in each course. He said that in his experience, the more math and natural sciences credits you have when you apply to grad school health science programs the more they will love you, and the better your chances of beating out the competition for a spot.


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What I believe programs look at is the Science GPA vs. fluff (ie nursing theory and your gen eds -art, etc.) Those are separated out and a Science GPA is developed. Now if you earn all C's in every nursing course, (med-surg, ob, psych etc), maybe now with some time left you can re-focus your effort.

Also you must take a Organic/Biochem course for non-science majors, not the Organic/Biochem that chem and bio students take. Include the lab as well, Most nurse anesthesia programs will ask when was your last chem/organic/biochem course, and if you have never had one, they will/may require it.

If at last resort you finish with all C's in undergrad, take a couple of years off, become clinically outstanding and take a couple of graduate courses in a math or science dicipline, (anatomy or physiology) to prove to the NA program that you have matured and can perform on a graduate level.

never leave out the opprotunity to talk to the instructors/admin. personnel of your nearest nurse anesthesia program.

good luck


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Take a Bio and organinc chem for sure if you are going to take ne thing at all. Dont know why you would want to take a org/bio chem for non science majors. Believe me the org/bio chem that I am getting in crna school right now if far from fluff. Even if you dont ace these classes it is still good. It shows initiative and that you can make if thru a tough science class.

GPA isnt everthing. Start planning where you are going to work when you graduate. Programs like students that work in larger facilities where you can experience things that you cant in podunct ville.

Try to make up for the GPA with the GRE and for sure the CCRN.


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I'm in the same boat. I graduated from UMAB with a 2.98 gpa. I met with the director of the CRNA program at UMAB to get advice for becoming more competitive for the program. He advised taking a "course work only" class that is in the CRNA program. Masters level pharmacology was his suggestion. Thats my plan. Hopefully an A will put me up to the 3.0 required for application.

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Thanks everyone for the advice.

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