Radio Show for Nurses!

Nurses Stress 101


Specializes in psychiatry, community health, wellness.

I just wanted to share that I started a radio show for nurses. I interview nurses, holistic professionals, and healing experts around the nation. The show is very exciting and energizing. I am enjoying it so much and even have learned about some health modalities I never even knew about! If you are interested in being on the show: email me, my contact information is in my profile page. But even more, if you are looking to learn some new healthy holistic tips check the show out! You can find it by going to Blog Talk Radio and searching for the Living Sublime Wellness Radio Show. You can also email me if you want the direct link to the show. The show airs LIVE every other Friday at 11 am EST, but if you cannot listen in live it is taped and the archives are available on the website. I just wanted you to know about this resource in case you were someone looking to learn and discuss some new healthy habits!! It has been so fun! :)

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