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I am a new nurse on a med/surg/tele floor and I have just a few weeks before I am on my own. I have been told by my fellow coworkers that I am "too nice" . This is relating mostly to manipulative and demanding patients and/or families. I have been told that the attitude and confidence will come with experience. I know this is true but any advice on how to handle situations in the meantime?

Hi Penny, i am also a new grad RN who is too nice! I feel your pain! Patients can complain so much or families try to argue nonstop. It's definitely stressful. I think, well..I hope w/experience we do gain a tougher back bone dealing w/more difficult people. I guess it will just come w/practice lol. We can do it! We just need to believe it (= goodluck to you! I only have orientation on the floor for only 2weeks at a snf and your thrown on the floor as a nurse supervisor on your own lol..family is even more difficult!

I thought I would have that issue. Saying no, setting boundaries, establishing the "alpha dog" role.

Once I was on my own, I figured that these patients and families didn't know I was a new nurse when I walked in the room, so I carried myself with confidence and established a kind, yet firm relationship from the get go. Kind of a "fake it till you make it".

I did have a family member ask how long I was a nurse, and I told them i was a fairly new RN and they replied that they never would have guessed it.

Of course it also helps that upon introduction to people, my preceptor would say "she's new to our floor" and reserve any advice until we were out of the room, which helped to build my confidence rather than embarrass me by correcting me in front if the pt.

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