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I work at a facility where if you are absent 3 or more days for illness/surgery/injury, etc., they require you to take an "Endurance Test" administered by HR staff. This test is on "specialized" machines that are ...supposedly.... to make sure that injuries are at a minimum for the facility. However, many feel it is a "weeding" tool, to thin out un-needed employees during this recession. Those who have taken it say it is sheer H###, and they have muscle aches and pains for days afterwards.

My ? is this.... Can they LEAGALLY do this? I suppose that anything's legal with the right attorney on your staff, but what the H### does push-ups and knee squats have to do with Nursing care?!?!? I need to have some carpal tunnel issues taken care of, but with this in place, I'll work until my hands literally drop off before I do anything about them. I HAVE to have a job as sole money-maker in the home. (As one doc said to me "I bet you can start an IV w/your teeth if you had to!!" Probably could, but that Infection Control nurse would be on my A$$ BIG TIME!!! LOL).

Anyone have any experience with anything like this? Oh, they also use this test for the new employees as part of their screening.



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i am still looking for anyone who have had an experience of this type with their employers. the test is called an ocp test, and those who were off for some type of surgery or illness for a specified time and taken it have come back to work telling of it's horrors!! one staff person had knee replacment and has a 20+ year work record, no injuries. stated if it wasn't for the upper body strength he/she had, would have flunked the test and would have been let go!!!! and this person was a supervisore of a unit!!! another one said when they took it, they almost undid the work they had surgically done 8 weeks earlier!!!!!!

thanks for any input.

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