Quinsigamond Community College - LPN Fall 2018

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Hello, just putting this up to see if anyone out there is going to be enrolling in the LPN program at QCC in Worcester, MA this upcoming fall? I'm enrolling in the program with the intent to eventually become an RN. It's the quickest way to get into the field of nursing, start making a little money, and knock out the equivalent of two semesters of clinical experience.

They've streamlined the LPN -> RN track and most of the other programs accept LPN advanced placement students regularly. Though I'm a second degree student, I'm currently taking Statistics and Biology along with A & P I/II this summer in order to make sure that I'm in lock step with the students starting in the RN program. I'll have just about all of my prereqs done except for microbiology.

Anyways, if anyone else is out there and wants to link up on here by all means hit me up.

Hi all. I know I'm late to this forum, but I was just accepted into QCC's FALL 2022 LPN evening program. How did you guys maneuver through the program? Also, what was the estimated cost for the whole thing? Any bit of information would be appreciated. my orientation isn't until 5/3/2022. 

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